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To turn strategic partners of companies and organizations to us, being provided to them productive solutions in IT; for the growth of ours  clients, collaborator and society.


To be would consult of Outsourcing leader in the market of solutions in IT; granting a added value to them.


Grupo CODA it is a consulting firm in Technology of Information, specialized in Outsourcing in IT, Development of Software for the creation of solutions in the manufacture sector, financier, bank, commercial,  telecommunications, among others and services of recruitment and selection of personnel for any area in all the levels.

At the moment we have participation in diverse projects for these sectors, with human resource and technological strategies that contribute tangible benefits for our Clients.

CODA has developed to a great number of successful projects in the main platforms and technologies of the present time.



To act with rectitud and professionalism in order to obtain authentic results  and sustainable in the long term.

With our clients, implementing management modelsthat they allow us to remain to the vanguard in enterprise surroundings widely plaintiff.
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